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About Tango

We See the World Differently

We come from different but intertwined paths – predictive analytics, retail real estate consulting and store lifecycle management software – but our collective vision is the same; a purpose-built retail solution that unites customer and location predictive analytics with online GIS and store development execution into a single platform.

What we call Strategic Store Lifecycle Management.

A New Chapter

Nine years ago we started Tango because we felt there was a better way, a more strategic way, for retail and restaurant companies to plan and manage their locations. Our vision was clear and so were our goals:

To break down the artificial walls between real estate strategy and store development execution.

To replace the loosely coupled patchwork of three to five systems that most retailers use today with a single solution in the cloud.

To develop a solution built specifically for retailers that fit like a glove and therefore requires little effort, cost or time to set up and provide value.

The culmination of our vision and work is Tango’s Strategic Store Lifecycle Management suite.

We have worked with over 700 leading retail and restaurant brands, and bring that knowledge and those best practices to Strategic Store Lifecycle Management. Our cloud-based SaaS and mobile solution is used across more than 130 countries by concepts with a few dozen locations to large global brands with more than 40,000 stores.

Mark Wise

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Wise is a veteran corporate executive with over 29 years of experience in corporate accounting, finance, planning, real estate and franchise development.

As a certified public accountant and a graduate of the University Of Iowa Henry B. Tippie College Of Business, Wise transitioned from a corporate accounting background responsible for SEC reporting at 7-Eleven to VP of Corporate Planning and then later VP of Real Estate. During his tenure as VP of Real Estate at 7-Eleven, Wise championed integrated store development applications to leverage consistent data to understand store level results, trends, and returns as well as providing the real estate team with insight into lead & deal tracking (pipeline management) in support of their accelerated store opening plans.


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