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We use cutting-edge technologies to deliver more capabilities at half the cost of other solutions on the market. Purpose-built with retail specific functionality, Tango’s Strategic Store Lifecycle Management is up and running twice as fast as the nearest competitor, and four times faster than the majority of solutions, all while coming in at a lower total cost of ownership.



True competitive advantage means having something no one else has but everyone else wants. Tango has fostered exclusive data relationships and developed proprietary data sets that, when working in concert, provide our customers with a competitive advantage that cannot be replicated.

Demographic and Lifestyle Segmentation Data – Curated and proprietary demographic and lifestyle segmentation data in over 100 countries with a high degree of granularity.

Customer Data – The most innovative view of customer data, blending exclusive cellular GPS and Wifi data points, online point-of-sale survey data, and client data sets to create the most accurate view of your customer.

Business and Point of Interest Data – Curated name brand retail and other point of interest data in major countries around the world.

Map Content – A unique combination of name brand and hard to find international map content sources provides the most realistic and accurate view of the world.

Traffic and Drive Time Data – The only truly global traffic data and drive time engine that self-calibrates based on real world experience on a country-by-country basis.


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