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We use cutting-edge technologies to deliver more capabilities at half the cost of other solutions on the market. Purpose-built with retail specific functionality, Tango’s Strategic Store Lifecycle Management is up and running twice as fast as the nearest competitor, and four times faster than the majority of solutions, all while coming in at a lower total cost of ownership.

Facilities Maintenance


Mobile-first, simple and intuitive – Tango packages an all-in-one facilities maintenance solution that manages work across dozens, hundreds or thousands of stores located across regions, countries or even continents.  Give your customers the store experience they deserve with faster and more cost effective resolution of store maintenance issues.

Service Requests – Effortlessly log service requests at the store level utilizing an easy to use and mobile friendly interface.

Work Orders – Control and reduce maintenance costs through intelligent routing and NTE enforcement.  Accelerate the dispatch to work order to close-out and invoice lifecycle by automating processes and managing by exception.

Asset Management – Protect investment and increase return by holistically tracking store assets, quickly understanding maintenance responsibility and warranty information, while understanding asset history and facilitating repair versus replace decisions.

Vendor Performance Management – Understand which facilities providers are performing and which are not through the proactive monitoring of quantitative metrics and qualitative ratings.


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Facilities Maintenance
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