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We use cutting-edge technologies to deliver more capabilities at half the cost of other solutions on the market. Purpose-built with retail specific functionality, Tango’s Strategic Store Lifecycle Management is up and running twice as fast as the nearest competitor, and four times faster than the majority of solutions, all while coming in at a lower total cost of ownership.

Geospatial Location Platform


Without a solid foundation you cannot grow.  Tango’s Geospatial Location Platform represents the backbone of our strategic store lifecycle management solution.  It provides a single source of the truth for all location information and delivers innovation and insight to the entire process.

Location Data Management  Discover the single source of truth for all location information, including stores, targets, prospects, sites, lease data, and competitors – as well as geographic information, including trade areas, regions, markets and territories.

Optimization Engine – Develop smarter location strategies with Tango’s innovative and proprietary algorithms that go beyond traditional modeling techniques by taking into consideration the realities of today’s complex marketplace.

Map & Drive Time Engine – Drive superior market optimization, location analysis and trade area accuracy with the industry’s leading geospatial processing and drive time engine.

Data Engine – Blend and analyze customer, demographic, point of interest, cellular GPS and Wifi data points on a global scale.

Analytics Engine – Quickly and easily interpret, interact and visualize data to support pre-built models and adhoc analytics.


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Geospatial Location Platform
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