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The Changing Face of Retail: Customer & Location Predictive Analytics

The most important recent advances in market research and retail site selection center around the incredible wealth of new timely, accurate data sources, and the tools and modeling techniques that help retailers process and leverage the data to make better location decision. These advancements represent a new and exciting era of retail GIS and customer & location predictive analytics. We will explore how organizations have been able to gain a better understanding of the changing and real-time nature of retail trade areas.


Bruce Mooney, VP of Market Strategies, Loblaw Companies
Charles Mills, Sr. Director of Business Development, Yum! Brands
Andrew Galasso, SVP of Real Estate, Spencer Gifts
Mark Zygmontowicz, SVP of Business Development, Tango

Tango Dallas Leadership Series: Predictive Analytics from Tango on Vimeo.

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