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FASB & IFRS: Road to Lease Compliance – New York Leadership Series

Want to better understand the steps you need to take to prepare for the new lease accounting standards? Whether your interest is understanding the impact to your company’s financials, readying your current data, or changes to the lease abstraction process, our industry and accounting experts will ensure your organization is on track for compliance, as they share key elements of the impending FASB and IFRS changes and what steps you need to undertake to prepare for adoption.


George Elefther, VP of Real Estate Accounting, Bed Bath & Beyond
Theresa Meier, Director of Accounting, Bed Bath & Beyond
Gabe Sugar, Director of Corporate Reporting, Darden
Kevin Fossee, Director, Advisory Services, Real Estate, PwC
Rick Zelinsky, VP of Product Strategy, Tango

Moderator: Bart Waldeck, CMO & SVP of Product Strategy, Tango

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