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Floor Plan 2.0

Reimagine Your Office from the Floor Up

Throughout 2020, business leaders were bombarded with messaging that the office was dead. Companies like Twitter became permanently remote. Others embraced a dynamic workplace model, blending in-person and virtual workforces. Virtual collaboration tools like Zoom went mainstream, and the “9 to 5” workday started earlier and ended later.

So what does all this mean for your organization? Now that your employees are returning to the office, how should you plan for the future?

In Floor Plan 2.0: Discover the Office of the Future, you won’t find a prescriptive model for your future office. Instead, you’ll come away with a tangible list of things you should be monitoring during the return to work, and clear insights into how your observations can translate into your future floor plan.

There’s no one-size-fits-all post-COVID floor plan. But there are widely applicable strategies you can use to discover yours.

Download your free copy today.

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