The Post-COVID Consumer

Are your stores ready for the post-COVID consumer? The pandemic changed the way people shop. But which of these changes will last? And which shopping behaviors should you accommodate longer term?

If you want your stores to stay competitive in a post-COVID world, you need to understand what pandemic shopping trends do—and don’t—tell us about the future of retail.

Consumers are more willing to try new brands, buying methods, and shopping experiences than ever before. And they’re developing a different relationship with brick and mortar stores. But this isn’t the time to make sweeping changes and drastic alterations to your real estate portfolio.

In The Post-COVID Consumer: The Future of Brick and Mortar Stores, we’ll explore:

  • The current state of consumer shopping behavior
  • How major retailers are reacting to these behaviors
  • What the post-COVID consumer will look like
  • Why brick and mortar stores are still the linchpin of your omnichannel retail strategy

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