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Getting Lease Compliance Right: 7 Lessons Learned from Public Companies

Whether you are a private company in the early stages on your road to compliance to FASB ASC 842, or a public company that has hit some roadblocks and needs some guidance, Karen Wilgen, Principal at RSM US LLP, Bart Waldeck, CMO and SVP Product Strategy at Tango and Rick Zelinsky, VP, Product Strategy at Tango share the top lessons and best practices they have learned working with customers across all industry sectors in this webinar.

Lease Compliance Lessons:

1. Know Your Internal Processes and Sell the Project to the Entire Business
2. Non-Real Estate Leases are the Long Pole in the Tent
3. Practical Expedients Decisions Impact Data Requirements and Abstraction
4. Getting the Data Puzzle Right is Everything
5. Plan on Integration Scope Creep
6. Testing: Painting the Plane While Flying
7. Crossing the Chasm: Have a Detailed Transition Plan and Timeline

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