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The Real-Time Occupancy Management Imperative

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The Real-Time Occupancy Management Imperative

The dynamic workplace is a real-time optimization puzzle between a variable demand for space and a fixed supply. Finding a daily equilibrium that meets employee needs and drives utilization is the new imperative.

Companies must move towards a hospitality model that requires real time processes and technology. That is the imperative, a solution that engages daily, even hourly with employees. One that has the capability through artificial intelligence to learn how, where, and when work is being done. One that has the ability to optimize dedicated and flex space in real time, based on dynamic demand. One that can utilize predictive analytics to recommend space based on historical usage patterns, employee schedules and departmental and company activities.

The result of which is a real-time view of occupancy and utilization management, an improved employee and space productivity, reduced occupancy costs and better informed real estate strategy. It might sound futuristic to many of you, but that is the challenge ahead.