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Geospatial Location Platform

Serving as the foundation for our entire solution, Tango’s Geospatial Location Platform provides both a single source of truth for all location information, including sites, stores, offices, production facilities and leases, as well as big data processing capabilities to fuel your analytics and mapping requirements.


Develop smarter location strategies

Leverage innovative and proprietary algorithms that go beyond traditional modeling techniques by taking into consideration the realities of today’s complex marketplace.

  • Combine deep domain knowledge and key learnings from traditional techniques with advanced methods of machine learning and artificial intelligence to yield the most accurate models.
  • Avoid “greedy algorithm” routines favored by most vendors that render poor model accuracy and reliability.

Tango Industries

Support optimal space decisions

Create the optimal workspace for your workforce. With over 40% of space being underutilized in a typical organization, access to critical data and the ability to analyze and act on it is fundamental to improving workforce productivity and lowering occupancy costs.

  • Leverage key metrics including occupancy data and facilities inventories to track and manage space utilization.
  • Optimize use of space by marrying traditional optimization routines with artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Drive superior market optimization

Drive location intelligence

Tango’s proprietary geospatial mapping platform provides purpose-built big data processing capabilities and pioneering trade area methodologies to support location analyses.

  • Both tablet and mobile-ready, the Map Engine supports processes in the field and enables collaboration with market research and other corporate functions.
  • Depict complex geospatial relationships via graphically-rich thematic mapping and hotspot analyses.
  • Use desktop-like capabilities such as advanced layer control, drag & drop and editing of polygons.

Utilize on-map analytics to deliver new actionable insights.

Sometimes answers are not obvious. Leverage critical data to uncover new questions and identify opportunities to put you a step ahead.

  • Quickly spot demographic patterns through multi-variable thematic mapping using standard or custom themes, including custom classifications, color ramping and labeling.
  • Uncover areas of opportunity with multidimensional Hot Spot Analyses with thresholding.
  • Add layers of curated business and point-of-interest data and visualize customers, competitors, site characteristics, psychographics and more.


Real Time Updates

Tango’s global Drive-Time Engine answers two primary questions: what is the time and distance between two locations, and what are all the places that can be reached within a specific number of minutes from any given point on a map?

  • Utilize both traditional and crowdsourced data and get real-time updates that incorporate actual traffic situations rather than those solely based upon posted speed limits.
  • Conduct location, trade area, delivery and distance-to-competitor analyses, including average employee commute time.
  • Calculate Facilities and Operations & Maintenance remediation timelines by incorporating location information for vendors in specific trades, such as all plumbers within a 15 minute drive time.


Analyze Demographic Data on a Global Scale

Tango’s Demographic Engine is truly global, providing demographics for over 100 countries.

  • Curated proprietary demographic and lifestyle segmentation data with a high degree of granularity.
  • Supports block centroid and block proportion demographic retrieval.
  • Analyze custom trade areas for work, home, shopping, hotel and other generators and understand the makeup of your customer or employee base.


Combine and analyze data

Blend and analyze customer, demographic, point of interest, cellular GPS and Wi-Fi data points on a global scale.

  • Tango manages and curates all types and sources of business data from every leading data provider.
  • The Data Engine houses all the intelligence from which models draw to produce the most accurate results.
  • Feeds AI and machine learning, to ensure models are adapting in real time.



Geospatial Location Platform


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