Tango Lease Pricing

Comprehensive Solution. Simple Pricing.

Tango makes lease administration and lease accounting easy. Meet the operational, accounting and compliance requirements of your lease portfolio in one simple solution that grows with you.

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Package Features

Property Tracking

Asset Tracking

Real Estate Leases

Non-Real Estate Leases

Lease Terms & Options

Key Clauses

Contact Management

Maintenance & Repair Obligations

Insurance Tracking

Rent & Operating Expense Tracking

Standard Reports

Audit Trail

Document Management

Lease Administration
& Accounting

Package Features

Lease Administration, plus:

FASB ASC 842 / IFRS 16
Accounting Engine

Lease Classification Test

Automated Retroactive Rent & Expense Adjustments

Credits / Offsets

Tenant Billing

Tracking Worksheets (Tenant Incentive Collection, etc.)

Accounts Payable Invoice Export

Accounts Payable Payment Import

General Ledger Export

Vendor Import


Package Features

Lease Administration & Accounting, plus:

Property & Asset Attribution / Custom Fields

Advanced Clause Questionnaire

Automated Index Rent & Adjustments (CPI)

Ad Hoc Task Management

Expense Reconciliation

Payment Allocations

Advanced Contact Management

Advanced Document Management

Non-Standard Calendars (13 period, 4-5-4, 4-4-5, 5-4-4)

Advanced Security


Standard Dashboards

Custom Reporting


Package Features

Deeply configurable solution for complex portfolios of more than 200 real estate leases, or companies with greater than $500 million in revenue.