Reporting, Dashboards, and Visualizer

Tango Lease

Data visualization and analysis are the lifeblood of any sound real estate and facilities strategy. And in today’s era of big data, it’s more challenging than ever to sift through the noise to uncover the truth. Make better, more informed data-driven decisions with Tango’s robust reporting, dashboards and visualizer capabilities. Along with improved visibility, organizations gain real-time intelligence to make fast decisions, measure success and plan for the future.

Standard Reports

Tango includes pre-built standard reports across all Tango products. Gleaned from years of experience working with a diverse set of customers, we’ve incorporated best-in-class practices into a comprehensive set of reports to meet any organization’s requirements without the need for custom reporting. Get best practices right out of the box and save both time and money by eliminating the need to configure complex custom reports.

Standard Dashboards

Tango has dozens of pre-built, easily accessible graphical dashboard objects covering common summaries included across all modules of the real estate and facilities lifecycle. Incorporating best practices relative to each module, Tango’s native dashboards illuminate common summaries spanning everything from real estate budgets & schedules to lease accounting & financial management to space reservations & utilization. See real-time key metrics and performance indicators quickly and easily with Tango Dashboards.

Visual Query

Tango includes an ad hoc query tool which allows reporting on all system fields across all modules through an easy-to-use interface. Visual Query allows queries to be saved by individual users as well as published for all users or shared with teams or individuals.


Good data visualization is essential for analyzing data and making informed decisions. It enables users to quickly see and understand patterns and relationships, as well as spot trends.

As a certified Oracle partner, Tango incorporates Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) into the platform allowing the opportunity to enhance reporting capabilities through a powerful ad hoc reporting tool that allows drag-and-drop, formatted reports to be created by power users. For an additional license fee these BI capabilities can be integrated with Tango’s data schema to enable customers to easily create reports and dashboards to support business insight and decisions across the real estate and facilities lifecycle. Tango’s BI solution supports self-service to advanced analytics in both a desktop and mobile environment.

Tango Lease Standard Reports & Dashboards


Lease Administration

  • Critical Dates
  • Documents Upload List
  • Lease Abstract
  • Lease Clause Questionnaire
  • Lease Clauses
  • Lease Contacts
  • Lease Inventory
  • Lease Responsibilities
  • Tracking Worksheets Summary

Lease Financials

  • 12-Month Rent Forecast
  • AR Aging
  • Future Cash Commitments
  • Payment / Billing History
  • Reconciliation Summary, 3-year
  • Rent Analysis
  • Rent Roll with Variance
  • Tenant Billing

Lease Accounting

  • Accounting Schedule Detail
  • Accounting Schedule Detail, Rolling
  • Accounting Schedule Summary
  • Asset Roll-Forward
  • FASB-842 Disclosure
  • IFRS Disclosure
  • Impairments
  • Liability Roll-Forward
  • Maturity Analysis

Global Lease Accounting

  • Global FASB-842 Disclosure
  • Global Accounting Schedule Detail
  • Global Accounting Schedule Summary
  • Currency Exchange Rates
  • Global IFRS Disclosure
  • Global Maturity Analysis


  • Co-Tenancy Summary
  • Landlord Sales Letter
  • Percentage Rent Detail

System Administration

  • Audit Trail Detail
  • User Access


Portfolio Dashboard

  • Lease Overview
    • Lease Count
    • Location Count
    • Total Rentable Area
    • Leases by Geography
    • Leases by Classification
  • Landlord Distribution
    • Top 50 Landlords by Lease Count
    • Lease Overview Landlord Distribution
  • Critical Dates
    • Termination Trend
    • Commencement Trend
  • Lease Options
    • Renewal Tracker
      • Lease Renewal Counts (Total, Available, Completed, Exercised)
      • Lease Renewal Status by Quarter & Period
      • Lease Renewal Status by Region & Period
      • Option Summary
    • All Options
      • Lease Options by Status
      • Lease Options by Type
      • Lease Options by Region
    • Abstract Metrics
      • Clause Completion Tracker

Financials Dashboard

  • Actuals
    • By Asset Type
    • By Payment Category
    • By Payment Type
    • By Country
    • By Payment Status
  • Projections
    • Projections
      • By Asset Type
      • By Payment Category
      • By Payment Type
      • By Country
    • Rent Summary
  • Accounting Disclosures
    • FASB Disclosures
      • Lease Cost
      • Other Information
      • Lease Renewal Status by Quarter & Period
      • Lease Renewal Status by Region & Period
      • Option Summary
    • FASB Detail
      • Asset Balance
      • Liability Balance
      • Amortization Expense
      • Principal and Interest Expense

Sample standard dashboard in Tango Lease.