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Excerpt from Tango’s virtual retail summit Moving Forward: Workplace 2.0 on June 24-25, 2020.

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Francisco Acoba – Managing Director & National Practice Lead, Real Estate & Location Strategy Consulting, Deloitte:

“It’s a great question, Bart. So, as we’ve been talking to clients, and we’re working to mail this very topic with a lot of organizations, what we’re finding right now is that you could probably say that there are more unknowns than knowns right now. There’s a lot that we need to figure out over the next, I want to say, 3, 6, 9, 12 months to really understand what the workplace of the future or that new normal is going to look like. How are people going to use the office for some purpose, for being in the office going forward? To what extent are people going to be comfortable coming back to the office? So, lots of questions around potential demand.

“From a supply and an operational perspective, there are a lot of things that organizations need to do within their own tenancies struggling to figure out how to make the environment safe, healthy, and effective for people providing for physical distancing, providing for all the different needs around PPE, etc.

“So, thinking about all these things and putting them together into a plan over the next, again, 3, 6, 9, 12 months and, really, to sign those points about data, capturing that data, understanding that doing the analytics and really figuring out, so you have a data-driven response a year from now. But right now, there is a lot that we just don’t know. So, I think that right now, being able to put a program in place that is basically looking at leading practices, loading the information and materials that have been provided by government agencies and industry associations, and putting together the various scenarios for what that may look like for your organization going forward is going to be key, so that you can learn from that over the next year.”

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