Tango Reserve

Desk Booking Software for Enterprises

Tango’s room scheduling and desk booking software enables employees to reserve the office spaces they need to meet their individual, departmental and organizational requirements. It also facilitates safe navigation through the office to connect with colleagues and find spaces. By integrating with Tango Space, organizations can discover in real time how and when space is being used and adapt to changing needs.

Hybrid Work Made Easy

Allow employees to find and reserve the right space at the right time, while seeing who’s in and who’s not to maximize productivity and teamwork.

Reserve Spaces in Real-time

Book from an actual, up-to-date, interactive office floor plan providing the visibility to empower employees to choose their best place, space, and time.

Find People & Places

Tango's real-time Wayfinding helps you easily find the quickest, safest way to people you need to meet with or places you need to be.

Manage Your Space

Tango Reserve works with Tango Space, enabling you to learn while managing space to ensure the best employee experience while achieving target utilization and occupancy.

Desk Booking Software for Enterprises

In a workplace that has evolved from fixed to flexible, balancing employee satisfaction, productivity, and safety is no easy feat. Empower your employees to work where and when they want with Tango Reserve—hoteling software built for dynamic workplaces.

Key Desk Booking Software Features

Workspace Scheduling

Manage the supply and demand for all space from a single solution, including desks, offices, conference rooms, shared spaces and more.

Room Booking

Quickly find and book rooms, invite co-workers and manage required amenities.

Desk Booking

Navigate the workplace to find and book the ideal desk or neighborhood that fits what you need to do and who you need to do it with.

Real-Time Floor Plans

Visualize people, places and things from an easy to use real-time floor plan.

Navigation & Wayfinding

Find and navigate to spaces and people with AI-enabled wayfinding capabilities.


Order and manage what you need, when you need it, to make your meeting or visit hum.

Employee Experience Mobile App

Enable the employee journey seamlessly from anywhere.

Workspace Analytics & Reporting

Analyze workplace trends and learn how and where work is being done.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Develop a real-time feedback loop to make your space as effective as possible.

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