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Tango Space

Space Management Software for Enterprises

The workplace is changing. The way companies and employees use office space will never be the same. The optimal use of the space you have is paramount, as it is typically one of the largest expense items in your operating budget. Managing the hybrid workplace requires a dynamic solution that engages employees, while protecting your bottom line by ensuring optimal space utilization in the new normal.

Dynamic Space Utilization

The workplace is changing, and your tools should reflect that. Optimize space usage based on the changing way people work, and ensure planning and day-to-day management meets the dynamic requirements of the new workforce.

Making the Complex, Simple

The art of user experience design is making the complex, simple. Our space management software translates your space utilization data into insights, giving you clear visibility into how your space is being used.

Turn Occupancy Cost into Competitive Advantage

Optimize existing square footage or repurpose underutilized space to create both a more efficient and effective workforce.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Manage every aspect of the office experience, connect people and spaces, foster collaboration and wellbeing while ensuring workplace safety and trust.

Space Management Software for Enterprises

Tango’s advanced space management software provides visibility into space utilization across your entire real estate portfolio. Tango Space equips you to improve space optimization, reduce occupancy costs, increase employee satisfaction and productivity, and forecast future space needs. Enterprises around the world use our space planning software to streamline space allocation, plan their moves, analyze floor plans, and test potential scenarios.

Key Space Management Software Features

Industry-Leading Space Management Software


Track and visualize existing space usage to improve workplace potential.

CAD Integration

Bi-directional interface for all CAD files. Display information and color code floor plans based on HR space and department data.

Stacking & Blocking

Analyze existing density and availability of space by department and space type.

Planning & Forecasting

Strategically manage changing space needs, including surveying of future space requirements by department.


Track and report on space usage by department, including shared spaces, hoteling and free address scenarios.

IoT & Smart Buildings

Integrate with technology such as sensors, badge, and buildings systems.

Scenario Planning

Create unlimited what-if scenarios based on existing and future floorplans.


Supports reservable spaces via mobile app, web request, or kiosk.

Move Management

Web-based request Moves, Adds, and Exits of HR and Assets.

See what our space management software can do for your organization



Tango has been promoted from an IWMS platform to a Connected Portfolio Intelligence Platforms (CPIP) solution with the AgilQuest acquisition because of its new enriched employee engagement & productivity and hybrid workplace strategies functionality.

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