Tango Predictive Analytics

Location is everything. Today’s consumer is changing fast, and you need tools to stay ahead. Tango Predictive Analytics combines innovative data sets and machine learning with decades of retail location modeling experience. Develop smarter location strategies and make the right capital investment decisions.

The Right Moves in Real-Time

Rear-view mirror historical modeling is out. Real-time modeling ensures you are making decisions based on the best data available.

More Data, Smarter Decisions

Innovative, diverse, and real-time data sets deliver unmatched insight into the optimal positioning and sales potential for new and existing locations.

Meet the New Challenge

Align real estate strategies with changing market dynamics. Analyze omnichannel customer shopping patterns and channel intersections to maximize sales contribution and potential.

The Best of Both Worlds

Advanced AI and machine learning techniques blend deep domain knowledge and key learnings from traditional techniques to yield the most accurate models.

Key Features

Tango Predictive Analytics


Visualize and analyze markets holistically using the industry’s best GIS tools. Utilize on-map analytics to deliver new actionable insights.

Market Optimization

Model the right real estate moves, in the right sequence, in every market.

Site Model Forecast

Site features tell the story of a potential location and provide information needed to power accurate sales forecasts.


Avoid cannibalization conflicts. Identify differences in sister store performance by real estate location type and the relative distance between locations.

Whitespace Analysis

Gauge the full potential of your concept.

Recapture Modeling

Estimate sales recapture at existing locations when a store is closed.

Mobile Data Visualization

Detailed analysis of mobile data patterns around existing stores and competitor locations.

Customer Profile

Understand exactly who your customer is.

Brand Development Index

Understand your brand’s equity at a geographic level.


Understand the interaction between various channels that identifies the conditions which drive the ideal mix of sales between channels.

Sales Distribution Mapping

View sales patterns at a neighborhood level.


The best data available to analyze competitors, profile customers, and forecast performance – demographic, competitive, segmentation, mobile.

AI & Machine Learning

Advanced techniques of machine learning blend deep domain knowledge and key learnings from traditional techniques to yield the most accurate models.

Geospatial Ad Targeting

Identify and engage customers shopping your stores or competitors.

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