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Tango Collect

Through the life of a location, you make hundreds – if not thousands – of decisions, many of which are made with limited or out-of-date information. Know what is really going on, answer your most strategic questions, and make the right decisions with Tango Collect.

Ask Once, Answer Many

Easily and systematically capture data once and leverage anywhere within Tango or your enterprise to make informed decisions.

Zero Code, Fast Setup

Quickly create and manage surveys leveraging templates and pre-defined questions, without a single line of code.

Intelligence Matters

Make data collection smart with workflow-driven routing, conditional question paths, and signature approvals with date, time, and location.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Select the package that best fits your data collection and resource needs from a standard few to an unlimited number of surveys.

Key Features

Survey Design

Develop questionnaires using drag and drop capabilities. Create custom questions and attach relevant multi-media.


Leverage predefined workflows that can be associated with any survey, such as punch lists for creation, initiation, approval, assignment, review, and finalization.


View key metrics through rich dashboards and analytics. Quickly export data to Excel or connect to external systems through a built-in API.

Image Vault

Store and access images across surveys and locations using advanced tagging and search capabilities.


Desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone; online or off – we have you covered.

See what our Collect software can do for your organization


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