Our first annual Sustainability Report, detailing 2023 performance, is now available. View Here

Our 2023 Sustainability Report is now available. View Here

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It's about business, not technology.

Our Services

Tango Management Consulting Services

Tango’s approach is rooted in your business rather than the software we’re implementing. Starting with a clear understanding of your vision, goals, and objectives, we help support their successful achievement.

Our Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) and Store Lifecycle Management (SLM) SaaS solution meets the unique requirements of retailers and restaurant companies out-of-the-box, so we’re able to get you up and running faster while providing superior cost efficiency and proven, unrivaled speed-to-value.

Industry pioneers in predictive analytics, GIS, IWMS and SLM, we bring over 320 years of industry experience and best practices to your project Tango has worked with retailers operating as few as 20 to more than 40,000 locations.

Consider the entire location lifecycle and develop a winning strategy to transition from a fragmented operating model to a single platform and version of location information.
Restructure business processes to get real results from your solution. We help design processes to more effectively operate cross-functionally while maximizing technology capabilities.
We help organizations successfully transition to new processes and systems through planning, consistent communication, and well thought out enablement.
Our approach, global experience, and solution-set knowledge have resulted in the best success record in the industry, helping 250 brands implement SLM & IWMS solutions.
Tango has developed the industry’s most comprehensive KPI set and business intelligence services offering you the foresight to operate proactively instead of reactively.

Support Services

We develop deep, long-standing relationships with our clients, and our organization is dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of your Tango solution. Our support team is as experienced as they are skilled, and resolve issues you may have in a quick and efficient manner.

Support is accessible 24-7 through our online support portal.

Analytics Services

We pioneered predictive analytics back in the 80s and have over 25 years of experience in retail and restaurant predictive modelling. We know it’s not just about sales forecasts, but rather about comprehensive analytics and a partner you can trust.

Offering the most sophisticated trade area & customer profiling techniques available, our unmatched insight into optimal store spacing and sales potential for new locations place you miles ahead of the competition. Advanced cannibalization methodologies, including EBITDA modeling, minimize sister-store impact while maximizing profits.

  • Sales Forecast Model Development
  • Impact/Cannibalization Analysis
  • Sales Redistribution/Recapture Analysis
  • Omnichannel Analytics

Realize the full potential of your brand in every market. Optimize development opportunities, minimize cannibalization, and exact the maximum impact on your competition. Prioritize the best markets to pursue using screening models to assess the likelihood of success in specific regions.

  • Market Optimization
  • Market Screening/Prioritization
  • Portfolio Strategy Development

Evaluate current market penetration and growth potential by market, based on current development types and formats and offering both short- and long-term strategies. Private Equity and other potential investors use this analysis to assess investment attractiveness and likely exit scenarios to value an opportunity.

  • Portfolio Analysis
  • White Space Analysis
  • 5-Year Growth Projections

Tango’s custom analytic models provide the necessary intelligence to develop the optimal real estate and store development plans for new retail concepts. Assess opportunities for absorbing a new acquisition by evaluating the effectiveness of each asset in relation to your brand location strategy.

  • New Concept Launch
  • Portfolio Acquisition
  • Dispositions/Consolidations

Tango 2023 Sustainability Report

We have released our first Sustainability Report for 2023, marking an important step in our sustainability journey. In the report, we announce our goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030, setting us apart as a pioneer in the larger ecosystem of real estate technology providers.