Tango Maintenance

Your locations are your lifeblood, so start acting like they are. Cut maintenance costs by up to 15% and extend asset lifecycles while keeping employees and customers safe. Prevent when possible and fix quickly when not, with advanced scheduling, resource management, asset analytics, and decision support tools management.

Be Right

Access critical information across the location lifecycle to ensure facilities decisions align with location strategy, warranty information, landlord / tenant responsibilities, and historical asset data.

Get More Out of Your Assets

Track and visualize all critical asset information to enable asset lifecycle analysis and repair-or-replace decision making.

Maintain Control

Budget maintenance spend by location while tracking expenditures in real-time. Visualize trends by geography, location, asset class, technician, and vendor.

Manage Diversity

Manage a diverse portfolio of locations, from offices to stores, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, healthcare locations, and more.

Key Features


Log corporate employee or location store manager service requests through an easy-to-use and mobile-friendly interface. Centrally manage all maintenance calls.

Budgeting & Cost Management

Align portfolio-level maintenance and location-level budgets while tracking expenditures in real-time.

Service Requests

Quickly capture and categorize maintenance service requests to ensure remediation follows policy and defined process.

Intelligent Routing

Issue work orders to the right internal team or external vendor based on established selection criteria.

Work Orders

Control and reduce maintenance costs through aggressive management of SLAs, NTEs, estimates, and scope of work.

Scheduled Maintenance

Reduce reactive maintenance issues and extend asset lifecycles through proactive scheduling of preventative maintenance activities.


Align costs with work orders, assets, and maintenance budgets through electronic invoice submittal and coding.


Deliver the right information, to the right person, in the right sequence, through automated routing and approval of estimates, invoices, and more.

Performance Management

Manage and measure technician teams and external vendors through a centralized solution so you can understand which facilities partners are performing well and which are not.

Asset Management

Categorize assets, document status, and track conditions over the entire lifetime of assets. Protect investment and increase return on assets through aggressive analysis.