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Office policies are evolving for most companies as employee and employer expectations are in flux. This change can feel like chaos, particularly when it comes to figuring out how much space you need, where, and when. Companies require greater flexibility to assess and right-size their portfolios. Tango Portfolio Strategy is a standalone solution that provides immediate portfolio analysis capabilities with minimal effort and data.

Plan for Today—and Tomorrow

Envision a new future with varying space needs by department, business unit, or organization. Incorporate tomorrow’s needs with today’s realities.

Model the Future

Develop strategic options and assess the impact on your portfolio, including changes in occupancy and cost implications.

Manage Strategy Execution

Layout your strategy across locations and time. Track execution progress to ensure you are meeting timelines and objectives.

Move from Simple to Sophisticated

Take it to the next level by connecting Tango Portfolio Strategy to Tango Lease, Tango Space, and Tango Reserve to create a comprehensive real-time workplace strategy and operations system.

Key Features

Single View

Quickly analyze upcoming lease renewals, utilization, occupancy, and costs of existing and planned space in a single view.

Planning & Forecasting

Set strategic options at a building and lease level, including scenarios that consider diverse actions across your portfolio—from moving to a new location, renewing leases, subletting space, or exiting a floor or building.

What-If Scenarios

Create unlimited what-if scenarios based on existing and future space needs, factoring in dedicated seats, flex seating, hotel ratios, and determine impacts on the whole portfolio before committing.

Plan Execution

Group strategic moves into initiatives and schedule their execution.

Track Approvals

Review progress of strategies against plan through tracker timeline.


Map your portfolio, see the status of each initiative, assess risk levels, and track planned vs. actual square footage reduction or expansion.

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Tango Portfolio Strategy


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Tango Portfolio Strategy: Optimizing Real Estate for Hybrid Work