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Spatial Analytics. Real Estate. Location Management.


Intelligent Workplace and Workforce Solutions

Proven Solutions Across All Industries

Tango’s single, integrated multi-tenant cloud solution is built on a foundation of analytics, which elevates Strategic Location Management by aligning physical space with both company strategy and employee requirements while dramatically reducing costs. Tango is equipped to meet the unique needs of your industry.

Industry solutions include:

Retail and Restaurant

Stores represent your number one source of revenue, number one use of capital and number two or three enterprise expense. You need a holistic solution that addresses the full real estate lifecycle.


Tango will help you combine disparate departments and tools into one single source of the truth to optimize the use of all your corporate real estate assets.

Government Agencies

Leverage Tango’s expertise and technology to optimize your real estate assets and streamline operations, achieving your objectives more efficiently and cost-effectively.


Turn to Tango to help make data-driven decisions, optimize your real estate assets, and provide high-quality learning environments to students and faculty.

Financial Services

Tango offers a single solution to manage all your real estate and workplace requirements, while ensuring savings across your portfolio including reduced occupancy costs, operational productivity improvements and enhanced employee experience.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Tango offers solutions that help address an increasingly competitive environment and allow organizations to minimize costs while maintaining high quality facilities.

Manufacturing and Industrial

Remain cost competitive, optimize your workforce, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce downtime and achieve operational efficiency across all your facilities.

Media and Telecommunications

To remain competitive in an environment of intense digital disruption, and to reduce infrastructure costs and optimize real estate, space and operations, leading media and telecom companies turn to Tango.


In this hyper-competitive marketplace, technology companies need an holistic solution that encompasses the full real estate lifecycle to that will reduce infrastructure costs and optimize space and operations.

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