Our first annual Sustainability Report, detailing 2023 performance, is now available. View Here

Our 2023 Sustainability Report is now available. View Here

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Key Components of Integrated Facilities Management (IFM)

Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) is a holistic approach to facility management that encompasses coordinating internal and external services, space optimization, and sustainability management. By optimizing the entire facility and streamlining its operations, IFM empowers organizations to generate savings across their real estate portfolios. While some organizations attempt to keep facility management budgets low by deferring […]

Office Space Planning: How to Maximize the Benefits and Achieve Goals 

Whether you’ve occupied the same office space for decades or you’re opening a new location, it’s important to make intentional decisions about how your space is used—so you can ensure it serves your immediate needs, works toward short- and long-term goals, and gets used efficiently. Office space planning is the process of determining how your […]

How to Reduce Occupancy Costs: Strategies for Corporate Offices and Retailers 

Occupancy costs encompass all of the expenses you pay in exchange for the right to use a facility—primarily rent, utilities, insurance, and common area maintenance (CAM) expenses. Some occupancy costs are fixed, and others are variable, but they’re all defined in the terms of your lease. And there are always ways to lower them—now, and […]

Space Utilization: What It Is and How It’s Measured 

Optimizing your office space can dramatically reduce costs and increase productivity. But how do you know when to make a change, or if it has been successful? Space utilization metrics answer these questions, helping you reduce wasted space, plan for demand, and avoid conflicts. In this article, we’ll explain: What is space utilization? Depending on […]

Space Allocation: Using Your Office Space Effectively 

Defining your office space and assigning it a purpose is an integral, ongoing part of space management. Allocating sufficient space for particular work activities or departments helps you achieve business goals, streamline daily operations, and improve employee satisfaction. Space allocation is the process of designating how various rooms, workstations, and areas are intended to be […]

Moves, Adds, and Changes: Why You Need a Dedicated MAC Solution

All businesses need to move employees around from time to time, along with the assets assigned to those employees. For small businesses with only a handful of team members, this can be a straightforward process that requires relatively little forethought or strategy to accomplish. But for enterprises, organizations, or agencies that employ more people, the […]

7 Keys to Managing Change in the Workplace

Change is often necessary for growth. But in the workplace, employees and the leaders who oversee them tend to find comfort in routine. Learning new tasks, tools, approaches, and cultural norms can be stressful and even frustrating. So when the time comes for organizational change, it’s important to understand what it takes to manage change […]

Optimize Your Corporate Real Estate with Tango Portfolio Strategy

The normalization of hybrid work has completely shifted the way most employers think about office space and plan for growth. According to Gartner, more than 80 percent of organizations have continued some form of hybrid work in the post-COVID economy. Gone are the days of long-term leases and oversized offices—today’s enterprises strive for agility, leveraging […]

How to Optimize Office Space: 7 Tips

Whether your organization has a single office building or hundreds of them, getting the most value from your real estate takes work. With strategic space planning, you can optimize your office space for a variety of goals, including reducing costs, maximizing space utilization, downsizing your real estate portfolio, creating better synergy, and more. Whatever your […]

The Key Components of Visitor Management

Visitor management is the process organizations use to verify, accommodate, and keep records of visitors. Depending on the organization, it can be as simple as writing names on a notepad or distributing name tags. But many organizations and government entities manage visitors with a more complicated system of policies, practices, and technology to comply with […]

9 Keys to Effective Move Management

Every workplace goes through changes that affect where and how employees work. Usually, these changes are small, like when a new employee joins the team, or someone gets let go. But sometimes, office transitions take place on a much larger scale, moving dozens or even hundreds of employees to new workstations. Maybe your customer service […]

What Is Lease Transactions? Tango’s Solution for Managing Existing Leases

Tango Lease

For years, Tango has provided enterprises with best-in-class solutions for predictive analytics, space management, lease accounting and administration, and other business processes. We’re pleased to be adding Lease Transactions to our lineup to further empower businesses as they navigate the opportunities and challenges of commercial leasing. Whether you’re a retailer dealing with extensive lease options […]

Tango 2023 Sustainability Report

We have released our first Sustainability Report for 2023, marking an important step in our sustainability journey. In the report, we announce our goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030, setting us apart as a pioneer in the larger ecosystem of real estate technology providers.