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Optimize Your Corporate Real Estate with Tango Portfolio Strategy

The normalization of hybrid work has completely shifted the way most employers think about office space and plan for growth. According to Gartner, more than 80 percent of organizations have continued some form of hybrid work in the post-COVID economy. Gone are the days of long-term leases and oversized offices—today’s enterprises strive for agility, leveraging […]

How to Optimize Office Space: 7 Tips

Whether your organization has a single office building or hundreds of them, getting the most value from your real estate takes work. With strategic space planning, you can optimize your office space for a variety of goals, including reducing costs, maximizing space utilization, downsizing your real estate portfolio, creating better synergy, and more. Whatever your […]

The Key Components of Visitor Management

Visitor management is the process organizations use to verify, accommodate, and keep records of visitors. Depending on the organization, it can be as simple as writing names on a notepad or distributing name tags. But many organizations and government entities manage visitors with a more complicated system of policies, practices, and technology to comply with […]

9 Keys to Effective Move Management

Every workplace goes through changes that affect where and how employees work. Usually, these changes are small, like when a new employee joins the team, or someone gets let go. But sometimes, office transitions take place on a much larger scale, moving dozens or even hundreds of employees to new workstations. Maybe your customer service […]

What Is Lease Transactions? Tango’s Solution for Managing Existing Leases

For years, Tango has provided enterprises with best-in-class solutions for predictive analytics, space management, lease accounting and administration, and other business processes. We’re pleased to be adding Lease Transactions to our lineup to further empower businesses as they navigate the opportunities and challenges of commercial leasing. Whether you’re a retailer dealing with extensive lease options […]

How Stack Planning Helps You Manage Your Office Space

Stack planning is a data visualization process business leaders use to optimize office space around goals relating to growth, downsizing, or synergy between departments. It provides a big-picture overview of your real-estate portfolio, letting you see at a glance which spaces are used or free, where each department is located, and how your total space […]

Embedded Leases: What They Are and How to Identify Them

Embedded leases are an important component for accounting compliance. For some organizations, this is the greatest source of failure to comply with the new lease accounting standard leading to higher audit costs and increased scrutiny from governing bodies. Even the best informed and savvy business managers struggle with this. They didn’t apply for an accounting […]

Checklist: 7 Reservations You Should Be Making in Your Office Hoteling Software

Years ago, businesses with large office buildings could get by with a simple reservation system that allowed employees to book meeting rooms. Some workers needed to interact with it less than once a week, while others—often those leading teams of people or managing projects—may have used it a few times a week. Modern workplaces have […]