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How to Simplify Lease Abstracts at Scale

A lease abstract is a concise summary and analysis of a lease agreement, providing the key provisions from lease documents in an easy-to-understand format. Lease documents tend to be extremely long, complex, and difficult to parse, particularly for those who aren’t used to navigating them. Lease abstracts empower employees to review the most pertinent information […]

13 Office Space Utilization Metrics You Should be Tracking

Real estate is one of your top operating expenses. So why waste it? If you aren’t measuring and reacting to your space utilization, you’re probably paying for space you don’t need and inhibiting your employees. Right now, you might have unused space you could reallocate instead of investing in additional real estate. When it comes […]

Office Space Management: The Growing Demand for Workplace Optimization

Office space management is the ongoing process of supervising and controlling the physical space in a business or organization’s offices. It involves planning how the space will be used, gathering and analyzing utilization data, and reconfiguring your space as needed to meet your organization’s goals and meet constraints. While office space management has always been […]

3 Challenges with Equipment Lease Management

(And How to Solve Them) Equipment lease management is a subset of lease administration that focuses exclusively on leased equipment. It’s how organizations monitor and handle legal agreements to rent vehicles, machinery, and other equipment they need to operate. Due to lease classification changes brought on by ASC 842, the depreciation of these assets over […]

Effective Office Wayfinding: Make Navigating Your Space Easy

As your organization grows, your office space has to expand to keep up. And the larger the campus, the more complex it becomes to find your way around. This can cause employees to lose time simply figuring out where they need to be, and it can create anxiety about getting lost. And for guests, struggling […]

CAFM Software: Streamline Maintenance & Reduce Asset Downtime

Even if you only have one small facility, it’s hard for a maintenance manager to work from spreadsheets, coordinate internal and external teams, manage asset data, track maintenance schedules, and navigate work orders. The larger your operation, the more unwieldy manual processes become. Excel spreadsheets don’t work very well at scale. And they won’t cut […]

How to Address Presenteeism in the Modern Workplace

Presenteeism is the problem of lost productivity caused by employees working when they should be taking sick days to rest and recover. It’s kind of like the inverse to absenteeism, where employees regularly fail to show up at work without a good reason. Instead of being absent when they should be present, they’re present when […]

The Corporate Guide to Occupancy Analytics

Occupancy analytics is the process of monitoring, tracking, and analyzing a facility’s space utilization, typically using a combination of IoT sensors and space management software. Whether you’re managing a hybrid workplace or all your employees work on campus, you need insights into how people use your physical space: how often they use it, when they […]

Capital Program Management Software: Get More Projects Done, Faster

Capital program management software (CPMS) helps organizations efficiently plan, approve, execute, and finance construction projects at scale. The more locations you have to manage, the more construction projects you have to coordinate, and the harder it is to keep those projects running smoothly. Capital programs deal with such large operations that there are usually many […]

Capital Program Management: Modern Challenges and Solutions

Capital program management groups related construction projects together, helping organizations plan, fund, coordinate, and execute work across multiple locations. Programs replicate projects on a large scale—from building brand-new stores to adding additional equipment (like ice cream machines, pizza ovens, or freezers) and expanding inventory space. Well planned and executed programs can have immediate and long-term […]

Top 5 Trends in Workspace Optimization

The average workplace has changed a lot in the past few years. The pandemic caused an exodus from the office and forced millions of employees to work from home. Even as many of them return to the office, they’re coming back with new expectations about what their workspace can look like. As businesses work to […]

How to Make Your Workplace More Attractive to Prospects

It’s no secret that recruiting and retaining in-person employees is difficult right now. People have grown accustomed to working remotely, and they’re reluctant to return to traditional office settings—especially with the widespread availability of fully-remote positions. But it’s even difficult to hire for positions where in-person work is still the norm. The demand for labor […]