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Our Customers


Big Box Retail

Big Box retailers face unique challenges including managing significant portfolio of large, often freestanding stores that require major capital investments, as well as tracking and managing complex lease terms. Tango works with renowned big box brands to help them manage all aspects of their real estate and store development requirements.


We Value Our Partnerships

Restaurant Customers

Tango has extensive experience helping Full Service, Fast Casual and Quick Service restaurant companies with owned and franchised locations to plan, develop and manage all aspects of real estate strategy and store development. Whether it’s trying to better understand who your customers are, building a better franchisee base or other unique challenges you face, Tango is the right partner.


Specialty Retail

Specialty retailers face a unique level of complexity; from managing a diverse mix of real estate types – mall-based, inline and freestanding locations – to staying on top of all key lease terms, including percentage rent and co-tenancy across your whole portfolio of stores. Tango has worked with over 500 retailers and understand the unique challenges you face.