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Cushman & Wakefield: Global Partnership for Product Management


Cushman & Wakefield is a leading global real estate services firm that helps clients transform the way people work, shop, and live. With over 43,000 employees in more than 60 countries, they help investors and occupiers optimize the value of their real estate by combining a global perspective and deep local knowledge with an impressive platform of real estate solutions.


Cushman & Wakefield was seeking a new project management technology partner to support both their Project & Development Services and Global Occupier Services clients on a global basis. Cushman & Wakefield wished to enhance their ability to deliver consistent, cost-effective, and market-differentiating strategy to a wide range of client projects across industries and geographies served. Cushman & Wakefield’s decision to partner with Tango was about people as much as it was about technology. Cushman & Wakefield needed a partner who not only understood their business, but also had the team and experience to deliver results.

Cushman & Wakefield Case Study

“We see this as a unique opportunity to leverage a single best-in-class project management tool across industry segments and geographies, while further driving our analytics strategy.”


Cushman & Wakefield selected Tango’s Program & Project Management, which will be leveraged by the company’s over 2,000 project managers. “Cushman & Wakefield’s commitment to our clients includes not only our world-class project and development services, but also the best enabling technology,” said Tony Belli, Senior Managing Director, Project Management Services, Cushman & Wakefield. “When reviewing the available project management solutions in the market, we quickly realized that Tango’s easy-to-use interface and real-time display would increase consistency and productivity, allowing our project managers to report back in a meaningful way that provides clients with the insights needed to make difficult decisions.”

By leveraging Tango’s platform capabilities, Cushman & Wakefield project managers are now equipped with the cutting-edge software desired for global and scalable execution. The software assists users through the entire project management process – from the initial fact-finding and gathering stage in the field, through to managing financials to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. Further, project managers can now visualize budgets and project pipelines in real-time, delivering results for clients by allowing Cushman & Wakefield to identify and handle a potential setback before it occurs. “We see this as a unique opportunity to leverage a single best-in-class project management tool across industry segments and geographies, while further driving our analytics strategy,” said Mitchell Wickland, CIO, Global Occupier Services Technology, Cushman & Wakefield.

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