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Striking the right balance between growing a healthy franchisee base while protecting owned assets and ensuring brand penetration is not easy. Utilize customer and location predictive analytics to plan your markets and ensure franchisee territories are optimized, while avoiding cannibalization risks and enforcing exclusion zones and buffer rules.

Market & Recruit

Empower your franchise sales team with workflow to approve a territory or location for sale while automating production of franchisee marketing material.

Don’t Lose Sight

Keep track of all aspects of Store Development Agreements (SDAs) covering territories or Individual Franchisee Agreements (IFAs), including development commitments, legal ownership, royalty payments, and renewals.

Identify Opportunity

Define your optimal franchisee territories and opportunities, taking into account the growth strategy for the market as well as existing franchise agreements using Tango’s market optimization and sales forecasting models.

Coordination is Key

Manage your franchisee development commitments in conjunction with internal store development pipeline activities to ensure compliance and strategic alignment.

Key Features

Optimize & Manage

Define your optimal franchisee territories and opportunities. Track all information related to territories in real time.

Marketing & Recruitment

Streamline franchisee territory and opportunity marketing materials and empower your franchise sales team.

Agreement Management

Capture and track critical information to minimize conflict and risk, and proactively manage agreements to ensure compliance.

Development Pipeline Management

Provide a lens into the relationship between company-owned and franchised spaces.

Franchisee Portal

Engage directly with franchisees by providing system access in an easy-to-use and low-administration environment.

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Tango Franchisee


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United States Beef - Case Study

Case Study

United States Beef