Our first annual Sustainability Report, detailing 2023 performance, is now available. View Here

Our 2023 Sustainability Report is now available. View Here

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Capital Planning: How Tango Projects Helps You Keep Capital Programs on Track

Traditional project management solutions weren’t built for the scale and complexity required to manage capital programs. Namely, they struggle to establish useful, time-saving relationships between programs and the projects that stem from them. Since many of our customers have thousands of locations to manage around the world, we designed Tango Projects to handle both one-off construction projects and large-scale capital programs.

Capital Planning, a feature of Tango Projects,  helps you plan, coordinate, and execute your capital programs. You can align budgets, timelines, and work associated with larger initiatives from the same place you manage one-off construction projects.

Here’s how Capital Planning streamlines your program management process.

Every capital program lives in one unified solution

Whether your programs relate to new or existing locations, Capital Planning lets you see and manage them all in a single consolidated dashboard. Select a program, and you can see its associated budgets, timelines, projects, and locations, moving from broad information to more granular views of each component of the program.

Instead of compiling progress reports and budget versus spend for dozens, hundreds, or thousands of projects, you get at-a-glance views of entire programs with the ability to dig deeper, take corrective actions, or even plan and launch new initiatives altogether.

With Capital Planning, your high-level program management capabilities are only a step away from your regular project management activities.

Allocate capital

Capital Planning lets you designate funds for key initiatives like new development, remodels, special projects, closures, and facilities projects. As you plan, create, and execute programs, they can draw from the capital you’ve set aside for the corresponding initiative.

Allocating capital within Tango Projects also helps the projects associated with a program efficiently share resources. When a project is complete, you can free up excess funds for other projects within the initiative (so long as you have the necessary approval processes in place). Depending on the nature of the project, some can even simply share the pool of resources you’ve allocated in real time.

Keep programs on track

With all the moving pieces involved in fulfilling your initiatives and carrying out programs, it’s essential that you have visibility into high-level progress, including what you’ve planned, completed, and scheduled. That’s why the Capital Planning feature lets you compare budgeted capital spend by program against commitments and actuals to ensure you stay on track.

Spotting disparities between budgets, commitments, and actual spend early helps you zero in on problems and prevent roadblocks from delaying your programs later on. And since you can explore all your projects within this same tool, you can pinpoint exactly where you’re falling behind, spending too much, or gaining ground.

Manage your capital programs with Tango

Managing capital programs takes significant preparation and ongoing coordination between individual projects and the larger initiatives they belong to. Every program has its own budget and timeline, with numerous projects that have to fit into these overarching plans. Tango Projects’ Capital Planning feature gives you the ability to plan and manage capital expenditure across new and existing locations with a simple, unified solution, so you can more effectively oversee all programs, projects, and initiatives.

Request a demo to see everything Tango Projects has to offer, or start using this feature to manage the programs you’re overseeing right now.


Tango 2023 Sustainability Report

We have released our first Sustainability Report for 2023, marking an important step in our sustainability journey. In the report, we announce our goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030, setting us apart as a pioneer in the larger ecosystem of real estate technology providers.