Our first annual Sustainability Report, detailing 2023 performance, is now available. View Here

Our 2023 Sustainability Report is now available. View Here

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Our Commitment to Customers During COVID-19

As we all try to navigate through this ever-changing environment, we at Tango want to express our commitment to business continuity, while at the same time taking into consideration our customers’ policies, as well as our own, to ensure the health and safety of our customers, employees, families, and communities.

Like you, we continue to monitor the situation and adjust as required. We have also benefited from working closely with some of our global customers who have been dealing with this situation for months. We’re incorporating some of their learnings to ensure we mitigate any unforeseen situations.


What We Have Done Internally

Tango has taken several proactive steps, including cessation of business travel for all employees and strongly encouraging our employees not to travel for personal reasons. We have also put in place a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine policy for any employees who may have recently traveled outside of the US. And as our Dallas headquarters has now closed due to local shelter-in-place orders, we had previously extended the option to all employees to work remotely, and most had done so. Prior to the office closure, we had put in place additional safety guidelines as well as initiated increased levels of daily office cleaning and sanitization. While we expect our employees to work from home for the next few weeks, we plan to continue to practice these elevated workplace safety measures upon their return. Lastly, we have guaranteed sick leave to any employee who needs it, irrespective of whether they have any unused paid time off (PTO) days remaining under their standard benefits.

Given the nature of our work, Tango is a highly adaptive and geographically diverse company. About half of our employees already work remotely on a regular basis, and several others leverage our flexible work arrangements in order to take care of their families. We have the tools, processes, and experience to be very effective working in a distributed fashion and, therefore, are operating in a “business as usual” mode with no disruption to our customers.

What it Means for Our Customers

Tango’s customers will see no impact on our service. Our support processes, development processes, planned maintenance, deployment cycles, and professional services will continue as usual.

We understand that many customers are moving to remote work as well. Because our software is cloud-based and therefore accessible from anywhere at any time, customers will be able to continue to leverage Tango as the collaborative hub for the strategy and management of real estate and facilities, at a time when this is even more critical than ever. We’re pleased that we can actively support all of our customers to effectively manage activities and move forward in this uncertain environment.

Tango has a robust disaster recovery plan that is in place and is tested periodically and our compliance with this testing is audited as a part of the company’s SSAE No. 18 SOC 1, Type 2 and SOC 2, Type 2 Report and certification. Our disaster recovery plan has contingencies for situations where we do not have an office and has been tested successfully under remote conditions.

We’re Here to Talk or for Anything Else

During this period of uncertainly, we are committed to keeping our business operating as usual and without any change in the level of service. All customer interactions with our Customer Advocacy Group, Professional Services, and Support organizations will continue as normal – and all lines of communication are open.

We hope that you and your families are healthy and stay safe. Thank you for your trust and partnership.

– Pranav Tyagi, President & Chief Executive Officer


Tango 2023 Sustainability Report

We have released our first Sustainability Report for 2023, marking an important step in our sustainability journey. In the report, we announce our goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030, setting us apart as a pioneer in the larger ecosystem of real estate technology providers.