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Henry Ford said that “Vision without execution is just hallucination”. Replace the word ‘vision’ with ‘strategy’ and the statement still holds true.

In our newest white paper, Making Store Lifecycle Management Strategic, Pranav Tyagi and I discuss the importance of both strategy and execution and the interplay between them. We delve into the current landscape to uncover the limitations of standalone Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), Predictive Analytics and Store Lifecycle Management/Integrated Workplace Management solutions that focus on either strategy or execution.

“Recognizing the retail real estate market is in constant flux, Intelligent Store Lifecycle Management (Intelligent SLM) addresses the gap between these standalone solutions, by logically connecting purpose-built GIS with predicative analytics and store development execution. This enables retailers to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions by providing the necessarily intelligence every step of the way – and as changes are made to any part of the plan, they flow through the entire system so that agile strategic decision making can meet rapid execution.

The truth is, both strategy and execution are important – and to make real estate and store development strategy effective, the interrelation between them is something companies can no longer overlook.”

If you’re interested in learning more, you can download Tango’s Making Store Lifecycle Management Strategic white paper below.

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