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Do You Know Where Your Customers Are? We Do.


We all know that access to key data is critical to understanding shifting trade areas, cannibalization and competitive influences. In recent months, Paul Thompson has shared how the method of capturing data has moved from inefficient and expensive surveying, to capturing customers through mobile GPS, a quicker, and considerably more cost effective, approach. You can read Paul’s two part blog here and here.

Through Tango’s partnership with UberMedia, we have access to the most cutting edge data available, and by applying our unique expertise, have transformed raw data into actionable intelligence for our customers. In effect, we have bridged the gap between raw data and true, actionable customer and location intelligence that enables our customers to make smarter real estate decisions.

View our recorded webinar during which we will discuss how retail and restaurant companies can access previously unobtainable sets of highly accurate and real-time customer data, combine it with sophisticated predictive analytics and transform their location intelligence to make smarter decisions about their stores.

The webinar covers the following topics:

  • Not All Data is Created Equasophisticated predictive analytics and transform their location l. How data sourced directly from mobile GPS signals yield the fastest, most abundant and accurate location data in the industry.
  • Make Store Lifecycle Management Smart. How combining the best data with the most sophisticated predictive analytics capabilities means improved location intelligence and smarter store decisions.

To watch an on-demand version:

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