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COVID-19’s unprecedented impact on retail and restaurants has left organizations carefully reassessing their strategies moving forward, particularly as some predict bankruptcies will double among retailers in 2020. As retail and restaurant owners urgently try to understand the complex effects of COVID-19 on their stores across the USA, the critical question everyone should be asking is, “How will this influence my organization’s re-opening strategy and post-pandemic success?”

As retailers welcome back customers, empowered decision making is needed to make short, mid, and longer-term resolutions that will help them maintain a competitive edge and ensure the future health of their stores and organization. To achieve this, insights on COVID-19’s impact can give an at-a-glance view of individual store’s exposure at both the chain and industry level. There are many opportunities for retailers to prevail as long as they have access to powerful data.

Combining diverse data sets across more than 70 retail segments, Tango’s COVID-19 Retail Location Benchmark dashboard helps organizations quickly and safely decide where and when to reopen stores. Watch the below video for a quick explanation from our Chief Marketing Officer Bart Waldeck about how this data-driven tool can help your organization reopen with confidence.

Tango is pleased to offer this free tool to assist the industry that helped build our organization into an innovative industry leader. Are you ready to reopen with confidence? Tango’s COVID-19 Retail Location Benchmark is free to use.


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