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Helping Our Lease Administration All-Star – Betty – There is no doubt that managing a retailer or restaurant company’s lease administration and lease accounting is challenging

Leaseland - Social narrative9a.png Your average Director of Lease Administration has meetings that occupy 80 percent of her calendar – all while managing common disruptions such as lease defaults and landlord disputes that simply add more work to her already full day.

The Director of Lease Administration, let’s call her Betty, is constantly trying to do more with less. Betty is under great pressure to make sure all key lease terms and dates are tracked and complied with – and relies on high level visibility into negotiated clauses, key dates and lease trends to better inform decision making. Mistakes are costly! 

In our newest series, Leaseland, we follow our lease adminstration all-star, Betty as she tackles one of the most frustrating areas of her role – CAM reconciliations.

Watch all three episodes of Leaseland here!

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Rick Zelinsky

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