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PlanetRisk and Tango Join Forces to Provide Retailers Groundbreaking CrimeRisk Scoring

May 18, 2016

Irving, TX PlanetRisk, a leader in risk intelligence and analytics, and Tango, the leader in Strategic Store Lifecycle Management solutions, have partnered to help retailers and restaurant companies better understand the localized risks of criminal behavior and use that data to better inform real estate strategy.

CrimeRiskSM is an innovative solution for identifying and predicting risk in precise geographic pockets and minimizing losses due to crimes against persons and property. CrimeRiskSM provides retailers access to accurate and targeted crime scoring data, offering deeper insights into local crime levels, crime trends, and crime forecasting to better inform real estate market planning and site selection decisions.

“This new, on‐demand service includes timely, accurate crime data at very local levels,” says Paul McQuillan, President & CEO, PlanetRisk. “The index provides an overall crime score, as well as scores for nine main crime categories and numerous sub-categories, to ensure users understand the risk of criminal behavior to better predict and protect against threats to persons, places and operations.”

CrimeRiskSM crime scores are computed using a combination of methods.  Advanced time series modeling techniques uncover any seasonal fluctuations, long‐term trends, changes in trends, and any sudden changes in crime patterns.  Predictive scoring applies regional and local crime patterns and local socio-economic factors to create an improved crime score forecast.

Tango’s backbone of predictive analytics integrated with robust field-deployed mapping technology delivers intelligence to the site selection process, ensuring retailers pursue and execute on the best locations. “By integrating the CrimeRiskSM data, Tango’s predictive models can assess the impact of local crime on store performance and therefore more accurately forecast sales for new and existing stores,” explains Pranav Tyagi, Tango’s President & CEO. “We are pleased to partner with PlanetRisk to provide our customers with this set of highly accurate and real-time crime data via our Strategic Store Lifecycle Management solution, to allow them to make smarter decisions about their store portfolio. Our partnership is yet another example of how Tango’s innovative data relationships improve customer and location predictive analytics for our customers. ”

Tango will be at ICSC RECon May 22-25, 2016. To learn more about the Tango and PlanetRisk partnership and how you can benefit, schedule a meeting at ICSC RECon with Tango in Booth N1718.


About PlanetRisk

PlanetRisk is a global big data analytics company providing advanced technology solutions that merge big data, visionary analytics and subject matter expertise. The company capabilities are in data sourcing, integration and engineering; advanced analytics; geospatial and social network analysis; and enterprise risk modeling. The company develops models that enable analysts to recognize hidden patterns, detect anomalies, and even forecast future conditions, whether at local, national, or global levels. PlanetRisk supports the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, and Justice; the Intelligence Community; state and local agencies; and the private sector. PlanetRisk is headquartered in the Tysons Corner area of McLean, Virginia. For more information, please visit


About Tango

Tango’s purpose-built retail solution unites customer and location predictive analytics with online GIS and store development execution into a single platform. The Tango team has worked with over 500 leading retail and restaurant companies, and brings that knowledge and those best practices to Strategic Store Lifecycle Management. Our cloud-based SaaS and mobile solutions are used across more than 130 countries by concepts ranging from a few dozen locations to large global brands with more than 40,000 stores. For more information, visit