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Tango Announces Free COVID-19 Retail Location Benchmark Visualization Tool

April 28, 2020

New Tool Allows Retailers Across Multiple Segments to Benchmark Against Peers, Make Strategic Decisions About Post-COVID-19 Reopening Plans to Drive Competitive Advantage

Tango, a leader in store lifecycle management (SLM) and integrated workplace management system (IWMS) solutions, today launched its COVID-19 Retail Location Benchmark Visualization Tool. This free tool allows retailers across more than 70 retail segments, including clothing, convenience stores, restaurants, and sports and recreation, to get an at-a-glance view of their exposure compared to industry peers based on store locations in U.S. counties affected by COVID-19. The dashboard provides actionable intelligence by combining disparate data sets and visualizing location-level exposure over time. Armed with these insights, retailers can make informed decisions about where and when to reopen stores, thus driving competitive advantage.

The COVID-19 Retail Location Benchmark Visualization Tool can be accessed here:

“Retailers have a unique opportunity during these times of COVID-19 mandated store closings to use data strategically to create reopening plans that safeguard the health of their store personnel and maximize location revenue potential and profitability,” said Pranav Tyagi, CEO of Tango. “Multiple factors go into the decision to reopen stores. Tango built the free COVID-19 Retail Location Benchmark as a tool that retailers can leverage to begin those preparations and give them the confidence to know where and when they should deploy resources to quickly and most effectively resume normal operations.”

This Retail Location Benchmark Visualization Tool is the second initiative that Tango has launched to help retailers navigate through these unprecedented times. Retailers can also take advantage of Tango’s free portfolio assessment to help them quickly determine the health of their portfolio and make intelligent location strategy decisions.