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Portfolio & Transaction Management

The Tango Portfolio & Transaction Management solution is built on a foundation of proven analytic capabilities, innovative data sets, native mapping and mobile-first experiences that are required to win in today’s dynamic corporate real estate game. As the only multi-tenant cloud-based solution spanning the entire real estate and facilities lifecycle, Tango draws insights from both within and outside the building to inform real estate strategy and deal making. Tango links strategy to execution, ensuring optimal space utilization across the portfolio while accelerating site analyses and empowering deal makers.

Portfolio Management

Proactively plan and manage your portfolio by orchestrating both short- and long-term strategies to ensure the right mix and size to fulfill your strategic goals.

Transaction Management

Deal making is a mix of art and science, and Tango provides the tactical capabilities to help you facilitate both.


Draw insights from your entire portfolio to inform real estate strategy.


Satisfy the most demanding users with the industry’s only purpose-built online GIS platform with feature-rich capabilities throughout the entire location lifecycle.


Choose the right site

Target new sites and dynamically asses their fit across multiple critical aspects to ensure alignment with real estate growth objectives.

  • Track all site requirements to accurately assess market opportunities.
  • Assess locations in terms of their impact on the entire portfolio and how they fit into overall goals.
  • Evaluate and compare available locations based on key financial, demographic and real estate characteristics


Assess your options

Determine the potential impact of each transaction on the entire portfolio before committing resources.

  • Develop scenarios to evaluate options based on financial considerations, real estate characteristics or expected usages.
  • Study provisional locations to assess impacts to the entire portfolio and how a specific property fits within the overall goals of the organization.


Estimate spend consistently and accurately

Preliminary construction estimates can make or break deals, so incorporate the best estimates to make the smartest investment decisions.

  • Capture detailed estimated site and construction costs based on a multitude of factors including scope, prototype and geography.
  • Directly link estimated costs to pro forma analyses and capture all required investment.
  • Analyze historical budget and actual spend to continuously improve estimating.


Strategy driven decisions

Leverage the market’s only Strategic Location-based analytics tool built for corporate portfolios.

  • Visualize occupancy, utilization and deep location-based analytics such as drive times, crime rates, local market pricing and more in a graphically rich, dynamic mapping tool.
  • Optimize space utilization and occupancy via internal building metrics to better understand how and where work is truly conducted and improve service while reducing costs.
  • Utilize outside-the-building analytics to determine optimal locations for different real estate types based on labor pools, points of interest, education, traffic and other data to identify and attract the best employees.


Ensure your team is on the same page

Tango improves communication and collaboration, so you can close the right deal, faster.

  • Enable all stakeholders to access and review pertinent data and documents in one centralized place.
  • Collaborate with team members, vendors and brokers and document all conversations surrounding ongoing transactions.
  • Field-enabled and integrated with related location planning and development processes and systems.


Understand where you are in real time

Tango’s reporting capabilities enable organizations to leverage market knowledge, monitor key performance indicators and track actionable real estate portfolio metrics.

  • Analyze opportunities submitted by the brokerage community side by side.
  • Keep management informed by utilizing pre-configured reports and templates including a transaction plan report, transaction request details and bid overviews

Transform data into insights

Visualize locations, employees and rich data sets in geospatial maps and analytics to adapt to changing market realities.

  • Utilize advanced visual mapping queries to quickly identify sites that meet real estate objectives.
  • Leverage rich, out-of-the box dashboards and reports to keep a pulse on deal execution and timing.
  • Spot patterns, trends and correlations utilizing a robust self- serve business intelligence suite of products, including ad hoc data analysis and visualization.


Portfolio & Transaction Management