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Space Management

Your organization’s physical environment has a significant impact on employee experience. It is also typically one of the largest expense items in your operating budget. Studies show that on average, organizations underutilize their spaces by as much as 40 percent. Tango’s solution will help you balance employee requirements while protecting your bottom line by ensuring optimal space utilization.


Align facility plans with business operations via graphically rich space planning scenario generation.


Optimize space usage to reflect staff interactions and needs.

Move Management

Maximize efficiency of available space and plan entire moves in one centralized system.

Space Allocation & Scheduling

Track, measure and assign flexible workspaces to match dynamic staff requirements.


Plan for the present and the future

Improve departmental collaboration without increasing real estate footprint or costs while ensuring the most effective and efficient use of your portfolio.

  • Strategically manage changing space demands via graphically rich space planning scenario generation.
  • Visually represent occupancy and vacancy directly on the floor plan.
  • Analyze existing density and availability of space with stacking and blocking.

Ease of use

Tango offers the simplest and most straightforward User Interface on the market.

  • Interface with all versions of AutoCAD/DWG without the need for plugins.
  • Redline floorplans directly within Tango Space and without the need for AutoCAD.
  • Access floorplans from any web enabled device anywhere and anytime.

Visualize allocation information

Review existing allocation and usage and factor in departmental requirements to make critical space management decisions.

  • Report directly from a graphically rich floor plan view.
  • Allocate square footage and cost information via industry standard calculations (IFMA, BOMA, OSCRE)
  • Access prior allocation reports at any time in the future, as well as view the associated floorplans.
  • Easily run out-of-the-box space allocation and chargeback reports and view trending to see changes over time.

Anticipate future workspace needs

Incorporate actual space usage information from alternate workplace systems, sensors and security data to develop your optimal plan.

  • Integrate planned growth or consolidation into existing analyses.
  • Employ trend analysis to predict future space needs.
  • Utilize Scenario Planning functionality for day-to-day moves as well as upcoming major, phased reconfigurations.
  • Apply the market’s only Survey tool designed to easily gather data from employees and business units across a wide variety of areas like space demand, actual occupancy and many more.


Interpret occupancy trends

Track and visualize existing space usage to improve workplace potential.

  • Monitor occupancy by space type and measure both building and workstation utilization.
  • Incorporate Flex/Hoteling space into traditional office scenarios.
  • Identify underutilized space and opportunities to reduce costs.

Visualize space usage

Merely tracking occupancy information is not enough in today’s dynamic workplace environment, companies need to know not only how they are utilizing the existing space, but also how they are using it by space type.

  • Harness key metrics including utilization data and facilities inventories to improve workplace efficiency.
  • Integrate with external systems to provide activity data, such as sensors, beacons or other monitoring technologies.
  • Create heat maps based on actual, real time data to enable informed decisions.


Simplify and streamline Moves, Adds and Changes

Maximize the efficiency of the available space and plan entire moves in one centralized system.

  • Minimize disruption and decrease move costs through streamlined automation.
  • Leverage key staff and equipment data to create workflows and reduce the headcount and time required to execute a move.
  • Create work orders based on MAC requirements (or integrate with an external Work Order System).
  • Drag and drop moves supported, even between floorplans.

Manage the MAC Process

Ensure proper communications across the organization to avoid issues and facilitate efficient processes.

  • Keep involved parties informed with automatic email notifications.
  • Leverage scenario planning for optimal space allocation.
  • Report on all types of moves across the entire enterprise in real time.

Data Integrity Survey Tool

Confirm location of staff and avoid shadow vacancies and walkthroughs.

  • Allow administrators or other staff residing on floors to correct data.
  • Collaborate with various business units to understand future space demand.
  • The MAC Process automatically updates occupancy and departmental information.


Faster, Easier Space Booking

Track, measure and assign flexible workspaces to match dynamic staff requirements.

  • Enable personnel to find and select the most productive workspace to meet their needs.
  • Lower costs and increase employee productivity while improving work-life quality in an agile work environment.
  • Easy-to-use intuitive employee portals to allow employees to find rooms, spaces, location details, what spaces are available, where people sit and way finding capabilities. Survey on conference room demand needs to align with RE strategy


AI & Machine Learning

Leverage analytics both to better understand how and where work is truly conducted, and where opportunities exist to better control occupancy costs and improve space utilization.

  • Determine the optimal location for different real estate types based on labor pools, points of interest and traffic.
  • Visualize existing space usage and interdepartmental relationships through rich analytics.
  • Deploy artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques to polyline space automatically


Space Management