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Space Management

Improve Employee Experience. Control Costs.

Your organization’s physical environment has a significant impact on employee experience. It is also typically one of the largest expense items in your operating budget. Studies also show that on average, organizations underutilize their spaces by as much as 40%. Tango helps you balance employee requirements while protecting your bottom line by ensuring optimal space utilization.


Align facility plans with business operations via graphically rich space planning scenario generation. Optimize space utilization to reflect staff interactions and needs. Increase departmental collaboration without increasing real estate footprint or costs.


Visualize space usage and interdepartmental relationships through rich analytics. Leverage key metrics including occupancy data and facilities inventories to easily identify underutilized space and opportunities for cost savings and improved occupancy rates.


Maximize the efficiency of the available space and plan entire moves in one centralized system. Minimize disruption and decrease move costs through streamlined automation. Leverage key staff and equipment data to create workflows and reduce the headcount and time required to execute a move.



Track, measure and assign flexible workspaces to match dynamic staff requirements. Enable personnel to find and select the most productive workspace to meet their needs. Lower costs and increase employee productivity while improving work-life quality in an agile work environment.


Leverage analytics both to better understand how and where work is truly conducted, and where opportunities exist to better control occupancy costs and improve space utilization, and to determine the optimal location for different real estate types based on labor pools, points of interest and traffic.