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Government Agencies

Government Agencies

Tango solutions can provide significant advantages to government industries, which face unique challenges in managing real estate assets, like regulatory compliance, budget constraints, and the need for transparency. Our products are FedRAMP authorized, demonstrating our commitment to data security and compliance with government standards. Manage your portfolios by administering your leases, analyzing utilization, costs, and performance metrics, and identify areas for improvement and facilitate informed decision-making. Get greater visibility and transparency to track progress and ensure compliance with regulations, including GASB 87. Leverage Tango’s expertise and technology, backed by our FedRAMP authorization, to optimize your real estate assets and streamline operations, achieving your objectives more efficiently and cost-effectively.
Tango Transactions

Tango Transactions

Evaluate your existing portfolio, new market opportunities and the impact of competitive moves to optimize your plan, while identifying the highest and best use of your development capital—all from one platform.

Tango Projects

Aggressively manage activities, resources and partners to ensure programs and projects are delivered on time and within budget. Tango helps shave days, or even months off the development lifecycle.

Tango Lease

Tango’s lease management and accounting software equips administrators and finance professionals to maintain compliance and manage lease activities.
Tango Lease Transactions

Tango Lease Transactions

Never miss an option date while, automatically kicking off new transactions via configurable workflows and uncovering hidden opportunities to reduce capital expenditures.

Tango Reserve by Agilquest

Manage workspace, meeting room, and office resource scheduling, drive choice and flexibility for your employees, and get data-driven insights into workplace performance.

Tango Space

Balance employee requirements while protecting your bottom line by ensuring optimal space utilization.



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