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In a World Where “Location is Everything,” New Pro Offering Supports all Retail and Restaurant Concepts

Tango, the leader in store lifecycle management (SLM) and integrated workplace management system (IWMS) solutions, today announced a new predictive analytics package that provides retailers of all sizes access to the most advanced, accurate models to support their real estate decision making. Tango’s depth of experience developing and deploying predictive models utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning moves well beyond statistical modeling into the discovery of previously unknown variable relationships that provide substantially more insight and value around geographic markets, allowing organizations of any size to maximize the potential of their brand and stay ahead of the competition.

“We know a ‘one-size-fits-all’ cookie-cutter approach to predictive modeling won’t deliver the intelligence organizations need to inform strategic real estate decisions,” said Pranav Tyagi, President and CEO of Tango. “Historically, smaller organizations have been forced to buy generic industry models which are by definition less predictive, and therefore less accurate. Now, they can benefit from a customer-specific enterprise level approach, tailored to their unique needs, that is fast, reliable, and affordable. They get the functionality they need without paying for what they don’t.”

Tango’s Pro Package is ideal for organizations that desire accurate and economical predictive models, but don’t require extensive customization, which is typical of smaller portfolio retail and restaurant concepts with moderate growth plans. For this new and innovative Pro Package, Tango utilizes multiple artificial intelligence/machine learning algorithms to obtain better predictive performance than a single algorithm used by other solutions. These superior models can be delivered rapidly and at a low cost. Key features of the Pro Package include Analysis Outputs, Analytics Insights, Reporting & Mapping, and Data Variables.

The accelerated shift in consumer buying patterns – including ordering online, curbside pick up, and delivery – are changing the role of the store for retailers and restaurant concepts. Stores will continue to play a critical role in the omni-channel world, but in order to adapt, retailers need sales forecasting and market optimization predictive models that continually recalibrate to measure the changes in consumer behavior in near real-time so that decisions are being made with the most recent and accurate data available.

Learn more about Tango’s Predictive Analytics Pro and Enterprise Packages here.


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