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In collaboration with industry experts, Workplace 2.0 supports organizations as they journey back to work and reimagine the workplace of the future

Tango, a leader in Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS), today announced the launch of Workplace 2.0, an initiative that supports organizations as they plan their return to work, learn from the reentry process and create the office of the future.

In collaboration with industry thought leaders, Workplace 2.0 will provide insights and findings via a series of free, publicly available materials, including Tango’s own return to work experiences, for other companies to learn from and apply in the current and post-COVID-19 workplace. Tango’s Workplace 2.0 materials, including blogs, articles, podcasts, and curated best practices will reside on Tango’s website.

“It’s safe to say that workplaces will never be the same. Guidelines and recommendations are changing frequently, and the needs of employees have shifted as a result of working from home for the past eight months. Companies must navigate not only the immediate return to the office, but what the office of the future entails, which requires a dynamic approach that combines learnings and advanced technology,” said Pranav Tyagi, President and CEO of Tango. “The goal for Workplace 2.0 is to share expertise and the knowledge derived from both our R&D think tank, TangoLabs, and work completed in partnership with other industry experts. We want to offer real-world guidance and best practices organizations can employ immediately to ensure a productive and safe work environment upon their return, along with envisioning the long term role of the office of the future.”

Tango kicked off its Workplace 2.0 initiative with the virtual summit, Moving Forward: Workplace 2.0, followed by the launch of a podcast series that will delve into each stage. The first podcast is available now, and provides an overview of the initiatives, discusses strategy and lends guidance on some initial steps organizations will need to take as they continue their journey to return to work. Learn more about Workplace 2.0.

Stay tuned over the coming months as Tango continues to release high-value content and provide solutions that help companies navigate the safe return to the office and reimagine the office of the future.

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