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Tango’s Virtual Lab Blends Proven AI and Data Intelligence with Best Practices to Drive Transformation

Tango, a leader in store lifecycle management (SLM) and integrated workplace management system (IWMS) solutions, today launched TangoLabs, a virtual hub for exploring technology innovations that provide measurable value to retail and corporate organizations. TangoLabs continues the company’s track record of pioneering technology innovations that incorporate data science, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to solve real estate and facilities needs, now and in the future. A key focus of TangoLab’s charter is collaboration with other industry innovators and thought leaders to accelerate the development of transformational technologies that address the industry’s most pressing challenges.

“Innovation has never been more critical than it is today, as organizations work to reimagine retail and workplace environments in a post-COVID world,” said Pranav Tyagi, CEO and Founder, Tango. “Formalizing TangoLabs continues our commitment to providing customers with the disruptive tools and strategic insights they need to transform their physical footprint into a driver of performance and savings, while optimizing their real estate assets to improve business efficiency and gain competitive advantage. We’re thrilled to have some of the brightest minds in the industry join us in this effort and can’t wait to begin sharing some of our immediate TangoLabs outcomes.”

One of TangoLabs’ collaboration projects is a proof of concept with one of the Big 4’s global real estate advisory and emerging technology group and focuses on the three phases of returning to work in response to the permanent shifts COVID-19 has had on the workplace.

TangoLabs provides a collaborative, secure environment to cultivate creative ideas and discussions that lead to groundbreaking business solutions made possible through emerging technologies. The innovation center is a collaboration between Tango’s Data Science, Product Strategy and Product Development groups, and will build on innovations already brought to market by Tango, including AI and ML products relating to retail sales forecasting and market optimization, and corporate real estate solutions such as spatial recognition, auto-wayfinding and space optimization.

Tango’s ongoing focus on R&D is a company hallmark, which has led to its success in the marketplace. The company is widely cited as an SLM and IWMS leader in industry reports, including Verdantix’ IWMS Buyer’s Guide 2020 and Gartner’s 2020 Market Guide for IWMS.

The unveiling of TangoLabs takes place on June 24, the first day of Tango’s free two-day corporate real estate summit, “Moving Forward: Workplace 2.0.” To learn more and to register for the virtual summit, click here.  To  learn more about TangoLabs, click here

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