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HearUSA is a recognized leader in hearing care and provides hearing care through the HearUSA Hearing Care Network of 4,000 affiliated audiologists in 49 states and in more than 220 company-owned hearing care centers, all of which offer a large selection of state-of-the-art digital hearing aids.

Tango HearUSA Case Study

With plans for continued expansion in the US, as well as seeking new market opportunities internationally, HearUSA needed a technology partner that could help provide the tools to support future growth across the entire real estate and store development lifecycle.

Read how Tango helps organizations like HearUSA make informed decisions, drawing on critical data from all areas of the lifecycle.

“We approached Tango because of their reputation in predictive analytics, market planning and site selection. Their ability to extend to other areas of the lifecycle confirmed that they are the ideal partner for HearUSA.”

Tango developed Market Optimization models to help HearUSA fully understand their current markets and to take advantage of any opportunities within them before tackling new ones. These models enabled them to easily direct their broker network to focus their real estate research on the best new opportunities. To help inform their location strategy, HearUSA leveraged the data relationships that Tango has secured with UberMedia.

HearUSA has plans to add Tango’s Program & Project Management and Lease Administration products, providing them with Tango’s full Strategic Store Lifecycle Management suite. The integrated solution will not only ease challenges at each stage of the real estate lifecycle, but will also help HearUSA avoid the information silos that inevitably occur with disjointed solutions – a pitfall which often results in decisions being made with inaccurate and incomplete information. With Tango as a partner, HearUSA can draw on critical data from all areas of the real estate lifecycle to make better-informed decisions.