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Webinar: Making Store Lifecycle Management Strategic

The tools available to help retailers manage their real estate strategy and store development are simply not up to the task. Their scope is limited, generally suitable for addressing one isolated area of the real estate and store development lifecycle. Attempts to connect these disparate solutions results in a process that is fragmented, not collaborative, not optimized for retail and fails to properly connect strategy and execution.

Retailers rely on the success of their real estate strategy to fuel their growth – and this requires a complete, single, integrated solution that brings together purpose-built retail GIS, predictive analytics and store development.

In this 60-minute webinar you will learn:

  • The importance of strategy and execution, and the affect the interrelation has on real estate and store development strategy.
  • How Predictive Analytics and GIS embedded throughout the entire real estate and store development process help retailers turn big data into intelligent decisions at every stage of the lifecycle.


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